Our Team

Farm Manager
Niall Hynes
Niall has worked on our farm for a number of years before his appointment to manager.

Niall is dedicated to the wellbeing of all our stock specialising in animal science and carrying out research on the need of our livestock, customers and pedigree sector.

Niall is also our senior stock handler at shows and stock Development events.

Blair Feeney
Blair a brother of Brendan and Greg brings his Board room and retail management skills to the farm, and can be seen getting involved in all aspects. Blair works closely with his brothers and staff to deliver world class stock from the farm.

Trevor Feeney
After finishing college, Trevor took up full time farming on the family farm which he has continued to develop and now shares his skills with his own family. Trevor works alongside farm manager, Niall Hynes, and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of beef farming to Scurmore Pedigree.

Marie Clasby 
Marie joined the team in September 2018, filling a new roll as Office Manager.  With her vast banking experience, together with accounting skills,  she manages the day to day running of the office.